Regulations for Path 13km




1.GENERALLY; The “Sougliani Path 13km” will take place on April 30st 2023 and at 10:45pm in Stratoni Alp, in Stavros Thessaloniki(central Macedonia). The route of the event is 13 km in length and positive drop +750m. The vegetation diversity is big and is characterized by a mixed forest of hardwood trees. In the area we can distinguish three main habitats. The hardwood trees forests  with several kinds of oak, chestnut trees, ostryas, tilias, laurels and beech trees with the distinctive characteristic  of the primitive forests of beech trees, oaks and centenarian large chestnut trees. The forests of evergreen-hardwood broadleaves kinds with junipers, yews, arias, daphnes, kermes oak trees, rhamnus alaternus and arbutus and the forests by the river with kinds such as planes, alders, carpinus, maples, willows, poplars, elms and ash trees. This forest is inhabited by wolves, wild cats and roes as well as the very rare jackals that have become extinct in many places of Greece. The mammals’ population is completed by foxes, ferrets, squirrels, badgers, boars, weasels and three kinds of bat.


2.PHILOSOPHY; The event “Sougliani Path 13km” is held with the purpose of the athletes meeting the mountain part of our area (the Stratoni Alp) which has a thick vegetation and is situated on the borders of Thessaloniki-Chalkidiki, over the villages of Stavros and Ano-Stavros of Thessalniki and Varvara, Chalkidiki. It is 1 hour far from Thessaloniki, Drama, Kavala and Serres and is unknown to many.


3.RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE; In the event only women and men aged 16 and above have the right to participate. Furthermore, the organization has the right  not to  accept the participats that have been expelled in the past for a serious moral offense in the event at question or another event for a serious case of deception or violent behavior. The participation of underage from 15 years old to everyone who has been born since 2008 and later in the Sougliani Path 13km can be accepted under certain conditions; solemn declaration with a certified signature from both guardians from the Police, the Citizens’ Service Center and the Port Authority that should record the following text;


The undermentioned, with my quality as a parent/guardian that I allow to 2008 with a date of birth 2018 to take part in Sougliani Path 13km on 30/4/2022, confirming that they have done the necessary medical tests needed to take part in the aforementioned event. What is more, I deny the right to every claim against the organizers for any accidental physical, material or moral harm of the underage from any cause and I consent to the free use of their name/image from the organizers, the media and the events sponsors. I declare that I have read and accept all the terms to participate and the relevant information regarding the event.




A)General Men’s Category M 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners of the event; medal, trophy, souvenir gift.



Women’s category A)Women W 1st, 2nd, and 3rd event winners; medal, trophy, souvenir gift.


5.REGISTRATIONS; They open on the 1st of March 2023 to the 23th of April 2023.

The process includes the following steps;

PARTICIPATION FEE; The participation fee is 12 euros with a gift. With your subscription you should pay the amount of 12 euros via a credit or a debit card, to complete your registration, and as soon as this process is completed, your name will be officially shown on the Participants Board. Starting from the 23th of April and later, the registration/payment process closes down definitively for every participants’ category.


BENEFITS; The Benefits that the 12 euros entry price covers are the following;

catering during the route (2 Stations), a medal and a certificate for those that make it to the finish line validly, event number(bib) , medical support, electronic timing with live results. The transfer to the finishing line is also covered, for all the participants that might abandon the event or be excluded, by the vehicles of the organization.


The results of the event Sougliani Path 13km will be announced thoroughly, unofficially on the website of the Nature’s Mountaineering Club of Stavros , live on the day of the event.


6.CANCELLATION; A registered participant is entitled to ask a cancellation of his participation and take as reimbursement the 100% of the money he paid, as long as something like this is requested on part of the Organization until the 23th of April 2023. For a cancellation request to be considered valid, it should be sent to the e-mail  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  under the address that the participant enrolled in his participation request.


  1. HEALTH, SAFETY & PARTICIPANTS MEDICAL CHECK; The organization denies every responsibility for an accidental damage to the health or the physical integrity (injury or/and death) of the participants that take part in the game. It is considered obvious that every participant that applies for the event, has as an adult a full awareness of his intention to to take part in a sports event which takes place on a mountainous environment, with mainly hostile conditions for the human organism. Every participant takes their own responsibility to compete with prudence and responsibility and not to expose himself to objectively harmful conditions. It is also obvious that every participant, when applying to participate, already knows, based on previous medical tests, if his health condition allows for him to compete in a long endurance route out in the open natural environment. The organization doesn’t ask from the athletes to give any kind of medical reports.

 8.EVENT NUMBERS’  DELIVERY & PARTICIPANTS’ IDENTIFICATION: The delivery of the event numbers(bibs) will take place on the day before the game on Saturday 29/04/2023 in the offices of the club and from 17:30pm-20:00pm and on the day of the event (on Sunday 30/04/2023) in the beginning of Stavro’s sidewalk and from 8:00pm-9:30pm. No number is going to be delivered to other person unless they have a certified authorization from Customer Service Centers, Police, the Port Authority. Provided that the participants take their numbers, they should demonstrate their police or other sort of identity or/and passport and driving license.


9.COPYRIGHT: The organization and its collaborators hold the copyright of the photo shooting and filming of the game from authorized groups that take on this job. Every participant whose application to participate is granted, accepts this term, knowing that his face might be shown in photos or videos, without requesting his permission or being able to claim a refund of some kind from the disclosure of this material.


  1. PERSONAL DATA: The organization isn’t going to disclose the participants personal data to third parties. Respecting the relevant legislation and considering an absolute moral obligation the retention of their secrecy, keeps the participants data in a safe digital environment. What can be published is the participants full name, place of residence and age, that the participants themselves will submit.


  1. PARTICIPANTS NUMBER(BIB): As long as the event lasts, every participant that takes part in it, is obliged to wear the participants number(bib), which is the only evidence of their participation in the event. The number should be worn on an apparent spot on its front side(shirt, leggings, belt of the rucksack), so that he can prove that he is part of the game. An participant without a number isn’t entitled to support in the Stations.


12.ROUTE: The Sougliani Path route is 13km long and has a total positive drop of  +750 metres. In its biggest part, the route is made up of 9km path(69,2%),  1.1km woodland road(8.5%), and 2.9km paved road(22.3%). The route is circular with starting point and finish in the First Primary School of Stavros.


  1. PENALTIES; For almost the total amount of the offenses, the penalty of exclusion of the event is enforced. The penalties are carried out immediately and are forced by the station managers or other authorized persons, that enjoin the participants to abide by the regulations.


The exclusion from the game is the penalty that is forced in the following offenses;

- Loss of point of control.

- Expose an athlete to danger at their own fault.

- Delayed departure from Station.

- Support provision outside the Station.

- Declination to comply by the authorized persons’ suggestions of the organization.

- Escort during the route (out of the limits of the Stations) by a person without a even number.

- Dispose off of rubbish during the route.

- Inappropriate behavior or use of violence towards the volunteers in the Stations or co-athletes.

-Denial to provide assistance to an athlete in need.

- Use of transport to make the route shorter.

- Loss of event number (bib),

- For the offenses of the inappropriate/violent behavior as well as deceitful tactic(use of transport), the exclusion is permanent and the participant doesn’t have the right to take place in the event ever again.


  1. FINISH TIME LIMIT; Every finish within the time limits given, is valid and the participant is considered that he fulfilled the event timely, as long as if he has gone through every check point on the route. Out of time should be every finish beyond the time limit, even for the minimum time unit. The participants that give up or are excluded due to out of time departure from one of the five Stations, are placed on the finish board based on the time and the point of the race they managed to get to but are not entitled to a finish medal. The time limit for the event is defined to 4:00 hours or at 14:45 on Sunday noon. The start of the game takes place at 10:45 on Sunday.


  1. IN BETWEEN EXCLUSION TIME LIMIT; In the event there will be one Exclusion Point in the Station/Stek 2 Paliochora in 8.2km at 03:00 hours. The in between exclusion time limit is set for security reasons for the participants themselves and the smooth conduct of the game. As recording time, thus exclusion of an participant is defined  the time of their arrival to the Station. Out of time return to the Station, after he has left the Station, means automatically the participants abandonment of the event.

Participants that are excluded due to time limits, are forced to hand in their number to the  Station Manager. The participants that want to continue their effort despite the fact they are excluded due to time limits, are free to continue, as long as;

  1. A) Deliver the event number.
  2. B) Continue on their own responsibility.

It should be noted that these participants can not have any kind of support on part of the Organization, neither the supervision of the Collecting Team, if they continue, nor are entitled to make claims from the Organization.


A brief Table of distances and time limits is presented below;



Station                              Altitude              Partial distance   Total distance   Exclusion



1st Green Hut

 Sykias petra                          400                  3.5                          3.5

2nd  Paliochora Hut                470                  4.75                        8.2             03:00hours


 16.CANCELLATION/TERMINATION OF EVENT, TIME LIMITS MODIFICATION; The event is terminated only if the weather conditions are extreme! Furthermore, the organization keeps the right to postpone the beginning of the event only if it they judge that extreme weather conditions prevail(heavy storm or snowfall). In the event of temporary discontinuance, the participants stop in the next Station that they will meet on their route and shall wait there till the lifting of the discontinuance, the time limit is prolonged accordingly and the time period of the discontinuance is removed from the total performance of the participants. Also, it is possible for the same reason the route to be modified (the modification of the route is applied only if no participant has passed the modification point till the moment of the change) or prolong the time limits of exclusion, thus the time limits of timely finish. Suitable for the decision to postpone or stop the game is only the manager of the event.


  1. ROUTE SIGNALING; The signaling of the route is placed a few days right before the event and is taken as soon as the event ends, and is divided into informative and directional. The signposting signs of all the categories are removed after the end of the game.
  2. A) Informative Signposting; The informative signposting consists of signs with progressing numbering that will provide certain pieces of information, like distance

in kilometers, altitude, distances from the Stations and other useful information for the participants. What is more, there will be extra informative signs for the Stations, signs showing kilometers every 5km throughout the length of the route and a countdown for each of the 2 last kilometers of the event.

  1. B) Directional Signaling; It is about small signs with the event of the logo(with direction signs)/


18.CATERING; The Organization is responsible for the participants partial catering during the event in both 2 Stations. Each Station offers full catering, snacks, electrolytic solutions, water, plastic cups.


  1. SUPPORT STATIONS; The Support Station (Aid Station) consists of the basic functional unit of the Organization. There, the participants receive catering and the First Aids on the part of the organization, such as external support. In every Station the participants that give up or are excluded due to time limits, will have the opportunity to be transferred by the vehicles of the Organization back to the starting point (in the beginning of Stavro’s sidewalk). The person in charge of every Station is the “Station Manager” who is authorized with the handling of cases on the whole, with the exceptionof  the timing of the participants ; the participants exclusion, the execution of penalties, the event discontinuance, such as every decision that concerns the function of the Station. The Support Stations in the game are five (2) and are the following;


1.Green Hut of Sykia, Petra (3.430km)

2.Paliochora Hut (8.2km)


 Every Station is also a check point for the participants, that means it records the participants departure time from the Station or accidental abandonment and out of time arrivals of the participants.


  1. CHECK POINTS; The Check points have a mere target to record the participants of the game, so that there is a clear picture of the number of people moving on the route. This contributes to the safety first of the participants themselves and to the assurance of “fair play”.  The check points are 4 in total and are in between the Stations with the exception of 5 of them, that are equally found in every Support Station. ATTENTION! The Check Points don’t provide food to the participants, only basic First Aids to the participants that are in a case of emergency.


  1. COLLECTING TEAM(SWEEPING); The organization’s skilled staff will follow the last participant of the event with the aim to secure the participants that take part in the event. The team will be able to communicate by a walkie talkie and will carry a first-aid-kit, to face emergencies.


22.TIMING-RESULTS; The timing is done by computer for the total time. The final records are published live on the Website of the Organization( and their finalization takes place the following days. There won’t be a team score.


  1. TROPHIES; No money trophies are given, only souvenirs for the winners. The athletes that will cross the finish line in the time limit of 4:00 hours, will get a medal.

The prizes that will be given are the following;


-General category of Men M 1st, 2nd & 3rd winners of the event; medal, trophy, souvenir gift.



-Women’s Category W 1st, 2nd and 3rd women winners of the event; medal, trophy, souvenir gift.


14:00pm; Trophy award ceremony.


  1. MODIFICATION OF REGULATIONS; The organization keeps the right to modify the present regulations, without any further notice.